Call Before You Dig - Dial "811" or           800-922-1987
Mountain Mutual Water Company           719-689-2527   
4338 County Road 1, Cripple Creek, CO
Black Hills Energy                                       888-890-5554   
 Century Link                                 800-475-7526

Natural Gas
Colorado Natural Gas                                800-720-8193   
 Local Office:                                               719-689-1403

Propane Suppliers:
Amerigas                                                      719-633-7791
Ferrel gas                                                     719-260-0363
Glaser Gas                                                   719-687-1180
Conley Propane                                          719-687-1180
Mar gas                                                        719-748-5216

Post Office
319 West Carr Ave  
Cripple Creek, CO 80813                          719-689-2423

Teller County Sheriff                                 719-687-9652 

Four Mile Fire Protection District            719-689-3417

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital                   719-687-9999

Penrose Urgent Care at Cripple Creek  719-776-4300

Teller County Non-Emergency                719-689-2988

You can obtain previous minutes through the office.

What you need to know...

   Covenants, By Laws, ACC Guidelines

Looking to move to our community? Review our Covenants and By Laws; become familiar with our building requirements as found in the ACC Guidelines. Look up helpful phone numbers.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Colorado Natural Gas Route